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Buying a New Home?

Seven Reasons to Get a Loan
Before You Shop For A Home!

Having a Pre-Approval in your hand before you start shopping for a home has many advantages. When you have a loan commitment, home sellers and real estate agents will know you are a serious buyer. Being approved for a loan makes the home-shopping process much more efficient and productive. Our Pre-Contract Loan Commitment gives you more leverage when you are negotiating a contract. This expedites the loan process when you have found your property.

How Can You Obtain A Pre-Approval? Fill out our Online Application or talk to one of our experienced Mortgage consultants at 901-259-2484. Than fax us your last two years W2 forms, last 30 days pay stubs and proof you have funds to close. Qualified borrowers receive their commitment the next business day.

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Curious to know what size mortgage you qualify for? If so, you will want to use our Mortgage Calculators.

Rate One Mortgage offers a wide variety of loan programs to meet each borrower's needs.

Inquire about our No Income Verification/ No Asset Verification NIV/No DOC, No points or no down payment programs. One of our experienced Mortgage Consultants will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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