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Debt Consolidation Refinance Loans

Are you juggling mortgage payments, car payments, insurance premiums, taxes, and a stack of bills? Maybe it's time to consider a Debt Consolidation Loan. Rate One Mortgage offer solutions that will help you get caught up.

Rate One Mortgage has a variety of products to help you consolidate your loans or pay off current debts. We can even reduce your monthly mortgage payments and help you pay off other obligations. Our rates are substantially lower than finance companies because we focus on the mortgage business.

Here is how a refinance can be structured to consolidate and pay off consumer debt, lowering the interest rates and monthly payments.


Debts Paid Off Balance Monthly Payment
First Mortgage $56,390 $871
2nd Mortgage $11,135 $113
11 Credit Cards $26,857 $813
Sub Total $94,382 $1,797

New Refinanced Loan
New Debts Balance Monthly Payment
First Mortgage $96,400 $691
Sub Total $96,400 $691

Just Look at the savings! Could you imagine having an extra $1,106 per month! That's over $13,200 per year! Plus you have to pay fewer taxes due to the tax-deductible interest.

How much can we help you save per month? Use our Rate Calculator to find out, then talk to one of our experienced Mortgage Consultants

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